Muhammad Arif Darmawan

Agroindustrial Engineering (ENGLISH)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Ability to apply modern knowledge, techniques, skills, and tools in the agro-industry discipline
  2. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, natural science, engineering, and information technology to solve problems in agroindustry
  3. Ability to design and conduct research in laboratory and field and analyze and interpret data
  4. Ability to design an agro-industry system that integrates aspects of process technology, industrial systems engineering and environmental technology to achieve desired goals within realistic boundaries
  5. Ability to play effectively as a multidisciplinary and multicultural member or team leader
  6. Ability to identify, analyze, synthesize, and solve engineering problems in agro-industries
  7. Ability to communicate in written and oral effective
  8. Ability to understand the importance of lifelong learning
  9. Understanding and commitment to the responsibility of professional ethics in solving agro-industry problems
  10. Ability to understand contemporary issues related to agro-industry
  11. Ability to plan, complete and evaluate tasks within the existing constraints
  12. Ability to transform ideas into agroindustry business (technopreneurship)